Format Conversion Pipeline

For interoperability among popular software and data formats in population genetics and genetic epidemiology

About the Format conversion pipeline:

The Format conversion pipeline was implemented with the Dynamic Pipeline System (see the project's website). The latter is a graph-based approach towards extensible pipelines. It allows you to compose pipelines on-the-fly, depending on the required functionality. In this way, you don't need to create one specific pipeline for each task that you want to execute. Therefore, every time you choose input and output formats for conversion, the pipeline that makes the conversion is created on-the-fly.
The dynamic pipeline approach also makes it easy to extend our format conversion pipeline with new conversion tools.
If you are interested in collaborating by developing your own conversion tool to be added to the pipeline, please check our Collaboration page.

How to cite us: Rodrigues, M. R., Magalhaes, W. C. S., Machado, M., Tarazona-Santos, E. A Graph-based Approach for Designing Extensible Pipelines. BMC Bioinformatics, 2012 (accepted).

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